Tipless probes

Noncontact/Semicontact and Contact AFM probes without tips.

CSG01_tipless/15 (15 separated chips), 320,00 €
CSG01/tipless/50 (50 separated chips), 900,00 €
Contact mode probes of CSG01 series without tips, each chip has one cantilever, resonant frequency 4-17kHz; force constant 0,003-0,17N/m.
NSG30_tipless/15 (15 separated chips), 320,00 €
NSG30/tipless/50 (50 separated chips), 900,00 €
Noncontact/semicontact mode probes of NSG30 series without tips, each chip has 1 cantilever, resonant frequency 240-440kHz; force constant 22-100N/m.
NSG11/tipless/50 (50 separated chips), 900,00 €
NSG11/tipless/15 (15 separated chips), 320,00 €
Noncontact/semicontact mode probe of NSG11 series without tips, each chip has 2 cantilevers, resonant frequency 190-325kHz, 115-190kHz; force constant 5,5-22,5N/m, 2,5-10N/m.
CSG11/tipless/50 (50 separated chips), 900,00 €
CSG11/tipless/15 (15 separated chips), 320,00 €
AFM probes for contact mode CSG11 series without tips, each chip has two cantilevers, resonant frequency 7-14kHz, 14-28kHz; force constant 0,01-0,08N/m, 0,03-0,2N/m.