Advanced Magnetic AFM/MFM Probes!

We would like to offer 3 new types of magnetic probes intended for the measurement of different samples in different conditions.

Firstly, these are standard Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) probes of the MFM10 and MFM01 series that are recommended for initial measurements of magnetic samples.

For measuring samples with low coercivity - Low Momеnt probes MFM_LM are the correct choice. Thanks to their own low magnetic fields low moment probes allow you to decrease the probe influence on the researched sample while scanning.

topo mfm1
Fig. 1. Topography (left) and Magnetic MFM (right) images of Self-Assembled particle array after Co/Pd thin film deposition. Scan size 3x3 um. Sample Courtesy - Prof. Manfred Albrecht, Chemnitz University of Technology, Institute of Physics
Fig. 2. Topography (left) and Magnetic MFM (right) images of the ultraphin Co/Pt thin film. Scan size 6x6 um. Sample Courtesy - Dr. Miguel Angel Arranz, University of Castilla La Mancha

Using standart MFM tips with 40nm CoCr coating leads to perturbation of the magnetic domain pattern and  tip induced local magnetization reversal of the sample (Fig. 3).

Low moment MFM tips with reduced magnetic stray fields significantly reduce magnetization reversal during imaging and improve quality of the MFM results (Fig. 4).

Fig. 3. MFM image of iron garnet film with standard MFM01 tip

Fig. 4. MFM image of iron garnet film with low moment MFM_LM tip

Finally for a work in external magnetic fields, High Coercivity probes MFM_HC (500-800Oe in vertical direction and more than 2kOe in horizontal direction) is the best choice. Their coating based on Co high coercivity alloy guarantees the stable parameters of magnetic probe under the influence of the external magnetic field during measurement.